Past Presidents

Year Individual Company
2018 Bill Hornsby Chiorino America
2017 Vernon Smith Universal Belting Resource
2016 Tom Pientok Apache Inc
2015 John Shelton Belt Power LLC
2014 Tom Wuiek Flexco
2013 John P. Green Green Rubber - Kennedy Ag
2012 Chris McCarty Conveyor Accessories Inc
2011 Michael Labbé REMA TIP TOP
2010 Donald Garner Nashville Rubber and Gasket Co
2009 Frank Klaene F.N. Sheppard and Company
2008 Jackie Robb Britt Rubber and Accessories Inc
2007 René Morf VIS USA LLC.
2006 Tom Richardson Conveyor Accessories Inc.
2005 Ted Lushch Jerry Bros. Industries Inc.
2004 Bruce Dieleman Sparks Belting Company
2003 Charlie Vickers McLeod Belting Company
2002 Ronald L. Roalsen Rubber and Plastics Inc.
2001 Wayne E. Hoffman Siegling Amerr
2000 Thomas E. Crandall Dunham Rubber and Belting Corp.
1999 Carl W. Covin Industrial Rubber Products
1998 Richard Womack Flexible Steel Lacing Company
1997 Roy Campen Apache Hose and Belting Inc.
1996 Raymond E. Borup Scandura Inc.
1995 Ray Snow Rubber Plus Inc.
1994 Don Chapman Goodyear Rubber and Supply
1993 Loyd Rich McLeod Belting Co. Inc.
1992 Andrew B. Lewis Lewis-Goetz and Co.Inc.
1991 John K. Slingluff Jr. Baltimore Belting Co. Inc.
1990 Bruce P. Kislul York Belting Limited
1989 Kenneth A. Hendin Premier Belting Co. of Canada Ltd.
1988 Olin V. Hyde Jerry Bros. Belting Co. Inc
1987 John D. Wardrop Sparks Belting Co.
1986 Harry K. Robb Jr. Rubber and Accessories Inc.
1985 Shannon L. Kinslow Motion Industries Inc.
1984 Thomas H. Dunham Dunham Rubber and Belting Co.
1983 William J. Toomey Tate Engineering Inc.
1982 David W. Lawrence Gooding Rubber Company
1981 Bill Purser King Bearing Inc.
1980 Charles W. Yob Industrial Belting and Supply Inc.
1979 James A. Meyer Fabricon
1978 Kenneth D. Greenfield Dearborn Rubber Corp.
1976-77 Vincent K. Alexander Manheim Manufacturing and Belting Co.
1975 Daniel C. Frysinger J.E. Rhoads and Sons Inc.
1973-74 Ernest D. Key Jr. Atlanta Belting Company
1971-72 Frank N. Fermano Albert Trostel Packings Ltd.
1969-70 E.S Johnson McLeod Leather and Belting Co. Inc.
1967-68 Edward H. Ball Jr. Chicago-Allis Mfg. Corp
1965-66 R.A. Waterfield Page Belting Company
1964 Julius A. Schachner Jr. Schachner Leather and Belting Co.