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NIBA Referral

Member Referral Program

As a NIBA member, you know firsthand the value membership provides in supporting your company and in strengthening the belting industry. The Member Referral Program offers the ideal opportunity to share the many benefits of membership with non-member distributor and fabricator companies. By reaching out to your network and encouraging fellow businesses to become members, you pass along the benefits of membership. In turn, NIBA will reward your referral efforts with $100 off the next NIBA convention for you and an attendee from the New Member company, plus recognition at the Convention. Once the New Member is accepted, promo codes will be provided to you and the New Member company for use at the next NIBA Convention.

How the Program Works

  1. Your membership must be current and remain current.
  2. "Leads" do not count toward the incentive program. You must bring in valid new manufacturer or distributor companies that are ready to commit to membership.
  3. Complete the online Referral Form on behalf of the company you are referring.
  4. The New Member* can apply online and must include the referring company’s name and contact information on the application in order for the referring company to receive credit.

The Incentive

Both you and the New Member will receive $100 off one registration for the NIBA Annual Convention.

Encourage New Members to register for the Annual Conference and join NIBA at the same time for extra savings!

*New member is classified as a company that qualifies for NIBA membership and is not a current member of the association or that has lapsed in NIBA membership for more than three (3) years from the new sign-up date.