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Scholarship FAQs

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Q: Are grandchildren eligible?

A: Unfortunately, they are not eligible.  The scholarships are limited to employees and their children.


Q: Do I need to submit transcripts?

A: Transcripts of your non-weighted GPA and ACT/SAT scores are required for the Presidential Scholarship. No test scores or transcripts are required for the Memorial Scholarship.


Q: What if I don't have test scores?  Will I be penalized?

A: For the Presidential Scholarship, GPA and test scores are given a score based on a formula.  The higher score is used for the academic portion of your application. If you do not have test scores, your academic score will be based on your grades. There is no penalty for not having test scores.


Q: What if I don't have a GPA?

A: We realize that some schools outside of the USA do not use GPA. Please submit the name of the regional scoring system, along with your current academic score, and the maximum score available through this system. You may email this information to if that is easier.


Q: Can I use my weighted GPA?

A: No. GPAs should be on a 4.0 scale only. Only unweighted GPAs are used.


Q: Does my participation in sports, band, choir qualify for service?

A: While we encourage active participation in sports, band, choir, and religious groups, the time spent in these are not eligible unless if they are doing some type of active outreach in the community, such as benefit concert, car wash for charity, Vacation Bible Schools, etc. The applicant shall only state the hours spent with these affiliations for actual outreach; do not include general hours.


Q: Do activities in middle school count? How far back can service have been performed?

A: Service must have been performed in past three years.


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