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Technical Seminars

NIBA offers live technical training seminars for both heavyweight and lightweight belting. The following courses are held twice annually. See the NIBA Calendar to learn when the next seminars are scheduled.

Track, Train, Troubleshoot for Heavyweight Belting

Attendees participate in an interactive classroom session detailing industry standards on belt conveyor operation. Empowered with this knowledge, the class engages in real-world observation at a host aggregate facility and records observations which otherwise may go unnoticed. The end result is knowledge focused on solutions geared to maximize belt life. Facilitators with over 75 years of combined experience interact with participants to assure understanding of the topics covered. This course is a must, whether you are new or seasoned in the industry.

Meet the Trainers

October 11-12, 2022; Walker, MI

Key Principles and Best Practices of Lightweight Belting

This course offers employees new to your organization or those who are interested in learning more about lightweight belting, the opportunity to become acclimated with fundamental principles and essential techniques in a focused, two-day classroom setting. Upon completion of this class, attendees have a practical understanding of lightweight belting. They learn the composition and general manufacturing process of the belts and are exposed to assorted fabrications which enhance the value and functionality of the product. Instructors present key features and benefits of the various styles of lightweight belting, discuss common industry standards, and offer tips on troubleshooting, belt tracking and how to avoid common and costly failures in the field.

Meet the Trainers

October 25-26, 2022; Walker, MI

Vulcanized and Mechanical Heavyweight Splice Training

Over three days, participants will be empowered to make the correct splicing choice as well as gain valuable installation knowledge through this hands-on, interactive seminar. Sales personnel will gain equity with their accounts. Belt shop technicians will gain value with their service. And operators will prolong belt life and minimize maintenance concerns. Interactions among students and with the instructors will enhance and maximize the learning experience.

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Lightweight Splice School

Participants will learn all aspects of selecting and installing the appropriate mechanical or endless splice for customer applications. Our experienced trainers will also share application insights and common-sense problem-solving tips for splices. Come prepared to roll up your sleeves and get firsthand experience with installing and troubleshooting splices. By combining knowledge of lightweight belting, explaining features and benefits of the products, conveyor system design attributes and requirements, as well as troubleshooting skills, this valuable learning opportunity is great as an introduction to the industry or a refresher course to an industry veteran.

Meet the Trainers

October 27-28, 2022; Walker, MI