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Rubber Ron Scholarship

NIBA – The Belting Association honors the memory of Ron “Rubber Ron” Roalsen for his ‘common sense’ approach to our industry and the people who work hard within it. Thanks to a grant from Ron’s family, NIBA is pleased to annually offer two (2) Technical Seminar Scholarships for employees of NIBA member companies.

Ron Roalsen always fought for the hard-working men and women who work in NIBA member companies, and the Rubber Ron Scholarship will keep helping those individuals improve their skills.


How to Apply
At the completion of NIBA Heavyweight Technical Seminars, the instructors will select an attendee based on their perspective of the trainees, their involvement, and interaction during the trainings to receive the Rubber Ron Scholarship. The sponsor company will receive notification that their employee was awarded this scholarship, as well as a $500 award back to the company that sent the trainee.