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NIBA Scholarships

Each year, NIBA Scholarships support members and their children as they pursue their academic dreams.

To date, we've given 149 scholarships for a total of $391,000. Every dollar helps relieve the financial burden so students can focus on their education and future.

Scholarships are fueled by the generous donations of NIBA member companies.

We will accept scholarship applications from Dec. 6, 2021 through Mar. 18, 2022.

"I'm so thankful for NIBA's generous scholarship which allowed me to finish my degree. Now I can continue on to law school."

Holly Hall

"I was able to take the scholarship money and use it for tuition... The ability to take that burden off, in ways both small and large, was extremely helpful for me."

-Shane Murphy

"Thank you so much NIBA for offering the scholarship, helping me finish my education, and kickstarting my career."

-Katherine Shaw

"With the additional funds that I received from NIBA, I was able to graduate from my undergraduate institution debt-free, which is such a blessing."

-Lexie Balisterri

"The NIBA scholarship made it a little bit easier for me to focus on my studies instead of having to work all of the time."

-Joel Berner

"I'm really grateful for the NIBA scholarship because it gave me the opportunity to both study and work abroad, which are two passions of mine."

-Abigail Kroll

Presidential Scholarship

The Presidential Scholarship honors all of the past Presidents of NIBA, for their dedication to NIBA and Distributor/Fabricator and Manufacturer members. This scholarship provides $4,000 scholarships for children with a parent employed by a NIBA Distributor/Fabricator or Manufacturer company, and who will be or are attending a two-year or more accredited college, university or technical school.

Memorial Scholarship

The NIBA Memorial Scholarship honors the memory of past officers, directors, and committee members for their strong dedication to the NIBA organization. This scholarship provides $2,000 scholarships for employees and children of employees of NIBA Distributor/Fabricator and Manufacturer member companies who make a difference in their communities, churches and schools, through service.