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Education/Technical Committee

Mission: To educate NIBA members by providing technical information and training materials relative to conveyor belting, power transmission belting and accessories.


2021-22 Committee Members

Chair: Stephenie Davis, Davis Industrial

Mike Schmidt, COBRA

Bill Hennig, Thermoid

Ed Kennedy, Advanced Flexible Composites Inc

Adam Shaw, Shaw Almex

Shawn Godfrey, Minet Lacing Technology

Brian Laughlin, PANG Industrial

Silvia Gabagni, Uniband

Pete Radding, Continental

Buddy Wilson, Fenner Dunlop Conveyor Belting

Mark Jadwin, MIR

Sergio Restagno, Belterra Corporation

Craig Lemonds, Belt Power

Jeff Carlisle, Douglas Manufacturing

Mike Hesslau, Flexco