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NIBA is dedicated to building interaction between conveyor belt and component manufacturers, their distributors and customers.  As a member of NIBA, you can:

Grow your bottom line

  • Members have excellent access to key personnel from belting manufacturers, distributors, and component suppliers.
  • Personal interaction with the distributor/fabricator and manufacturing leaders of the conveyor component industries through the Annual Convention. The Convention brings hundreds of industry players face to face in a relaxing and open atmosphere. Find new customers, supplier and technical experts all in one place.
  • Opportunities to cooperate with other distributor/fabricators or manufacturers to develop better solutions for the end use customers of conveyor components through networking.
  • Membership gives you access to NIBA member contact information.

Volunteer on a NIBA committee. It’s a unique opportunity to show your peers the value you can bring to NIBA.

Grow your knowledge

  • Access to the latest industry information through technical articles, resources and the Belt Line
  • NIBA is the single best resource to find the latest information related to conveyor belting.
  • Learn new belting related technologies and regulations from industry experts.
  • The Convention Expo at the Annual Convention brings the best from our industry onto one floor.
  • Improved technical skills for your associates through live training programs, online workshops, technical publications and training videos .
  • Access to the University of Industrial Distribution where distribution experts and innovators hone your business skills through the Association Education Alliance (AEA).

Grow your demographic

Growing your network and your knowledge should certainly help grow your bottom line, but if those aren't enough, NIBA members also get:

  • Discounts on all training executed by the Association Education Alliance (AEA) ($50 on monthly webinars to $500 on the University of Annual Distribution).
  • Equipment classified ads - the ability to post equipment wanted requests on website or equipment for sale.

College scholarships available to families of both distributor and manufacturing members.